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Motorcar Familiarization Course

The Motorcar Familiarization Course is carefully designed for foreigners who need to understand the traffic systems, rules and regulations and the traffic environment in Singapore. The familiarization programme includes circuit practices, circuit obstacles, driving on the road and expressways. Participants will be informed of the latest traffic rules and regulations, traffic signs, signals and road markings.

The course also highlights the Electronic Road Pricing System (ERP), Road Pricing System (RPS), Expressway Monitoring & Advisory System (EMAS) and Area Licensing Scheme (ALS).

Road Safety Talk

Road Safety Presentation is carefully designed to develop correct attitudes and impart essential knowledge that will extend the participant’s knowledge and understanding in dealing with other road users and potentially hazardous situations The presentation can be programmed to target specific audiences, needs and requirements.

Disclosure of Personal Data
  • Upon enrolment, I consent to the disclosure of my personal particulars. Name, NRIC, Passport or other Identification Number, Telephone Numbers, Email Address and any other information relating to myself to the Centre and to Government Authorities, Land Transport Authority, Traffic Police , Insurance Company and its agent issuing insurance coverage for myself and to any other interested or relevant parties.


Familiarization / Defensive Training
Tel: 6602 6231

Defensive Riding (SAF/RSN)
Tel: 6482 6060
Fax: 6482 8808

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