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I am writing in this Email to thank the following instructors and do hope that they will be given to view this email. My heartfelt thanks goes to these following instructors mentioned below:

– ZEADI BIN SALLEH (6163) He is a very respectful instructor with great patience and who will always spare a few words whenever our path crosses at the centre.

– MD ASARAF S/O SEENI (6302) He ensures that I will always sharpen up my weakest point and will work endlessly until I have captured what i needed too.

– MUHAMMAD ISHAK B ABDUL (6191) A kind gentleman with great professionalism.

– NEO KWAN POH (6235) A chirpy instructor.

Finally my utmost heartfelt and ever most gracious thanks goes to-

– MUHAMMAD HASIF B TAIB (6130) throughout my lesson was mostly with Mr Hasif, i would book him way in advance just to ensure that i am having him as my instructor. Mr Hasif has never failed to boost my confidence, he ensured at all times that my lesson was worthwhile and going home with his teaching inbuilt in me. It was a joy having him as my instructor, an ever-smiling gentleman with boosting instructions, a patient of a saint and ever ready to answer my queries even how ridiculous it can be. He ensured that after every lesson ends, he will end with a positive feedback for me to ponder over till my next lesson. Thank you, Mr Hasif for having confidence in me when i did not even know that could make it to past on my 1st attempt.


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