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Course Objective

Obtaining a driving licence is only the beginning of a long-term experience in motoring. There are still so much to learn on the behaviour and attitudes of other road users and the correct principles of driving. The Motorcar Refresher Course is specially designed to improve the participants driving skills, confidence and making them to become ‘A Safe Driver’.

Course Documents
  • NRIC / Passport
  • Class 3/3A Qualified Driving Licence
Course Duration
  • The standard programme is a 4 sessions Practical Lesson course
  • The duration of one practical lesson is 100 minutes.
Course Curriculum
  • Pre-drive checks
  • Circuit Courses
  • Vertical and Parallel Parking
  • Familiarisation Driving
  • On Road Driving
  • Expressway Driving
Course Fee
  • Registration Fee – S$21.40
  • S$71.69 for off peak timings practical lesson
  • S$80.25 for peak timings practical lesson
  • All fees are inclusive of GST
Other Information
  • All parking fees, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and Restricted Zone (RZ) charges incurred during the course will be borne by participant whenever applicable.
  • Manual and Automatic Transmission Car is available.
  • SSDC will not allow any withdrawal, refund or transfer of course.

For more information about course application, please call us at 6482 6060 or e-mail us at

Disclosure of Personal Data
  • Upon enrolment, I consent to the disclosure of my personal particulars. Name, NRIC, Passport or other Identification Number, Telephone Numbers, Email Address and any other information relating to myself to the Centre and to Government Authorities, Land Transport Authority, Traffic Police , Insurance Company and its agent issuing insurance coverage for myself and to any other interested or relevant parties.
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