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"Hi I recently passed my driving test and would like to thank ADRIEL MARVEN CHAN (6320) for instructing me with patience and humour...."
Rashid Bossong
"I am writing in this Email to thank the following instructors and do hope that they will be given to view this email. My heartfelt thanks goes to these following instruc..."
"I will like to thanks to MUHD BAHARI (6315) for the practical lessons that he taught me throughout my lessons. He is so kind, friendly and cheerful....."
Khairul Ridzal
"I would like to commend on one of your instructors, FARHAN (6233) who has been a great instructor in my opinion....."
Muhammad Irfan
"I would like to compliment the instructor MUHAMMAD ZULFIQAR (6281) as his teaching of driving is simply Superb...."
"Taking this opportunity to compliment and appreciate the service rendered by your customer service staff named FAYE (6286) ...."
Steven Fang
"Firstly, I would like to thank my main fixed instructor SUMIRA BTE MOHD SUPARI (6041) for all the efforts and patience she provided in....."
"The theoretical review class I have just attended a while ago (22/1/2021, 6.10pm, Classroom 2) which was led by Mr. Zailan (5929). I would like to take this opportunity t..."
Weng Wah
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